Do you know what that object on top of her mailbox is?

Mail Alert Flag

It’s called a “Mail Alert Flag”.
And just by looking out her front door or window
This young lady can “SEE” if she has got mail

This simple but fantastic idea can prevent all those trips to your mailbox
only to find that you have no mail, or the postman has not run yet

This brightly colored and easy to see steel mail alert flag lays flat along the top of the mailbox until the postman opens the mailbox door. When the mailbox door opens, the mail alert flag springs into the upright position as shown in the picture above, and the mail alert remains up until you retrieve your mail and reset the mail flag, which is done simply by pressing the flag back down and closing the lip of the mailbox door over it.
Packaged with all hardware and instructions, the mail flag is a quickly and easily installed addition to your mailbox should bring you many years of maintenance free service.
With the Mail Alert flag's rugged one piece construction there are no parts to break or lose.
For superior weather coverage and durability, the flags are washed in a cleansing solution that promotes great paint adhesion, then spray painted with a superior rust protective gloss enamel. The installation hardware is cadmium plated.

We worry about the elderly and handicapped members of our family and community and we do everything we can to make life just a little easier for them. Even so, they still have to go out to the mailbox daily to check their mail. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could know for sure they had mail before they go to the mailbox? The Mailbox Alert flag makes that a reality.


Crossing busy streets and highways to collect your mail is a dangerous trip. The Mail Alert flag lets you know before you go.


Some mailboxes are located quite a distance from the home they serve, long lanes, driveways, etc. Many home owners must stop and get out of the car to check their mail. With Mail Alert there’s no need to stop unless the mailbox flag is up. Order Now


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